Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today Kodi had her first operation, hopefully her last one!
It was a minor operation, she had 5 baby teeth removed ... and spayed.
Kodi loves the vet because every time we go i steal treats for her from the treat jar, this time was no different. She ran in and they took her right away... when i picked her up a few hours later she was more than happy to go home.
She was all drowsy and very sad, she was crying in the car which made me really sad.
Since she hasn't eaten in a day she was starving when we arrived home, but the crappy part was that we were not allowed to feed her a full meal because of the medication she was on.
all in all it was not that great of a day because my little girl was sick and i could do nothing about it ..
Sometimes i wish she was able to talk, but i guess it would have cost us a lot more for a dog that could talk ...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


There's a small grocery store in Richmond BC, it sits on the corner for Francis and Garden City and they have this most amazing drink! It's a combination of a Slurpee/Slushie mixed with soft ice cream! It's a very yummy combination. i have heard from lots of people but decided to try it and i have to admit its as good as everyone says it is. I think it might be the perfect summer combination. If you haven't tried it i would totally recommend it.

The crappiest part of this drink is choo choosing your flavors because they all look good, and if im not mistaken they have at least 8-10 flavors.

Oh by the way they offer an "extra ice-cream" option but opt out of it because there's enough ice cream in it .. plus its not worth the extra 70 or something cents.

Friday, April 11, 2008


As some of you might know, i picked up a new hobby a while ago, Photography.
The wife let me blow the budget and get a new camera. I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks to by buddy Ed, i got a pretty good deal on a a Nikon D200.
It's actually a pretty fun hobby, i still don't know much about photography and probably about 5% of the camera i'm still having fun with it.

A friend of mine said "your the only person in the whole world that captured the exact picture at that exact time no one can ever exactly replicate it" I think that's pretty cool! I never thought about taking pictures that way ... I think it changed my whole appreciation for photo taking.

There's so many cool things you can do with a camera, but beware, it's a really really really really expensive hobby ...

Here are some new uploaded pictures i have taken recently ...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Subject to Inspection

Here's a note to all of you that intend on buying a house.

This subject is the biggest joke on the planet, if anyone wants to buy a home you should have a more specific clause in your contract. Anyone that puts this as their only subject while looking at your home is not very serious. They can back out at any time.... Which is fine but don't waste peoples time. If your not serious just say that so the seller can be on their way.
If your selling your home and the buyer wants a Subject to inspection, its like not having any clause at all ...

So in this case seller beware ...

Sunday, April 6, 2008


It's been a while since i have blogged, with being sick and doing stuff with Kodi ,the bitterness of the Canucks not making it in the playoffs, the Spirit getting knocked out in the first round and life just getting in the way there seems to be less and less time to do stuff i want to do.

Oh before i forget, the wife and i got a new house! We sold our's and bought one slightly bigger. I'm pretty happy with it. The lot is a bit bigger, the house is a bit bigger, and so is the price ... actually it's not much more than what were paying right now, so i guess the timing is right ...

I know everyone says that Vancouver can't keep up its housing prices up but it has ... i know the bubble will burst somewhere but if your in the market already i don't think it makes that much of a difference.

i'm too sick to think of what to write so keep posted for pictures of our new house! Maybe you will get invited soon!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Canucks playoff tickets ...

Its that time of year again when the Vancouver Canucks bill us for playoff tickets ... Sometimes i dont know why we bother.
The bill us for the first 2 rounds, IF they make it to the next round then we get charged for the 3rd and so on and so fourth.
Lately it seems like im wasting my time in front of the TV watching them. I do love the Canucks but it seems like they don't even care to try ... its tough watching a 1-0 game with no action. I dont even mind when we lose as long as its exciting. A few years ago you had a gut feeling when they needed a goal they could put it in another gear and turn it up. but lately as soon as the other team scores, its like Oh no .. here we go again.
I had a friend tell me instead of getting seasons tickets why dont you spend the money on a nice TV and HD box .. he's got a great point!
I dont know what it is about Vancouver, were always good enough not to make it. And its been like this for ages.
BLAH .. thats how i feel about most nights that they play. I find myself not even really paying attention.

But who knows when the playoffs are here ( assuming we make it) it should be fun again. There's nothing i would rather do than watch hockey playoffs! Its just that making it there is the hard part ...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not every baby and not every dog are male

Since we have had Kodi, i have found it really weird how 9 1/2 out of 10 people automatically assume that she is a he. Almost every single person she meets says "How old is he?" without ever asking .. is it me or is that kind of weird. I noticed this with little babies as well. Every person asks how old is he.
I think people have to realize that there are female dogs and female kids out there .. not every kid and every dog can be male, or else guess what ... there would be no more kids and puppies after a while ...
Maybe i'm just a little bitter or a little sensitive .. but i cant image how every single person assume Kodi is a boy dog... here's a tip .. look for her penis ...
If you don't know just ask ...