Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today Kodi had her first operation, hopefully her last one!
It was a minor operation, she had 5 baby teeth removed ... and spayed.
Kodi loves the vet because every time we go i steal treats for her from the treat jar, this time was no different. She ran in and they took her right away... when i picked her up a few hours later she was more than happy to go home.
She was all drowsy and very sad, she was crying in the car which made me really sad.
Since she hasn't eaten in a day she was starving when we arrived home, but the crappy part was that we were not allowed to feed her a full meal because of the medication she was on.
all in all it was not that great of a day because my little girl was sick and i could do nothing about it ..
Sometimes i wish she was able to talk, but i guess it would have cost us a lot more for a dog that could talk ...