Thursday, March 20, 2008

Canucks playoff tickets ...

Its that time of year again when the Vancouver Canucks bill us for playoff tickets ... Sometimes i dont know why we bother.
The bill us for the first 2 rounds, IF they make it to the next round then we get charged for the 3rd and so on and so fourth.
Lately it seems like im wasting my time in front of the TV watching them. I do love the Canucks but it seems like they don't even care to try ... its tough watching a 1-0 game with no action. I dont even mind when we lose as long as its exciting. A few years ago you had a gut feeling when they needed a goal they could put it in another gear and turn it up. but lately as soon as the other team scores, its like Oh no .. here we go again.
I had a friend tell me instead of getting seasons tickets why dont you spend the money on a nice TV and HD box .. he's got a great point!
I dont know what it is about Vancouver, were always good enough not to make it. And its been like this for ages.
BLAH .. thats how i feel about most nights that they play. I find myself not even really paying attention.

But who knows when the playoffs are here ( assuming we make it) it should be fun again. There's nothing i would rather do than watch hockey playoffs! Its just that making it there is the hard part ...


pj said...

... can you save me one of your first round playoff tickets, that is, if you haven't shredded them yet. I want one as a keepsake and reminder of this Canuck season.

Mytmouse said...

this season never happened ..