Thursday, March 20, 2008

Canucks playoff tickets ...

Its that time of year again when the Vancouver Canucks bill us for playoff tickets ... Sometimes i dont know why we bother.
The bill us for the first 2 rounds, IF they make it to the next round then we get charged for the 3rd and so on and so fourth.
Lately it seems like im wasting my time in front of the TV watching them. I do love the Canucks but it seems like they don't even care to try ... its tough watching a 1-0 game with no action. I dont even mind when we lose as long as its exciting. A few years ago you had a gut feeling when they needed a goal they could put it in another gear and turn it up. but lately as soon as the other team scores, its like Oh no .. here we go again.
I had a friend tell me instead of getting seasons tickets why dont you spend the money on a nice TV and HD box .. he's got a great point!
I dont know what it is about Vancouver, were always good enough not to make it. And its been like this for ages.
BLAH .. thats how i feel about most nights that they play. I find myself not even really paying attention.

But who knows when the playoffs are here ( assuming we make it) it should be fun again. There's nothing i would rather do than watch hockey playoffs! Its just that making it there is the hard part ...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not every baby and not every dog are male

Since we have had Kodi, i have found it really weird how 9 1/2 out of 10 people automatically assume that she is a he. Almost every single person she meets says "How old is he?" without ever asking .. is it me or is that kind of weird. I noticed this with little babies as well. Every person asks how old is he.
I think people have to realize that there are female dogs and female kids out there .. not every kid and every dog can be male, or else guess what ... there would be no more kids and puppies after a while ...
Maybe i'm just a little bitter or a little sensitive .. but i cant image how every single person assume Kodi is a boy dog... here's a tip .. look for her penis ...
If you don't know just ask ...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Steveston Pizza

One of the best kept secrets in Steveston Village is a little place called Steveston Pizza Co.

This little pizza place is on the corner of 3rd and Moncton. It is by far the best pizza place you will ever go to. I guarantee it!!
In the front its got a orange awning and it looks like a little dive.. but on the inside its a fancy little pizza place.
It is not like one of those 2-1 pizza joints, this place makes gourmet pizzas using fancy ingredients like : port marinated bison, wild boar sausage, wasabi-scented chicken breast, snow crab, sea weed.. just to name a few. It also has the regular toppings like pepperoni, pineapple, ham ...

I think this place uses all organic ingredients(not that that matters to me a whole lot) but it is quite delicious.

Last time we had the "Caveman and the West Coast" and they were both excellent and far exceeded our expectations!

So if you ever feel like taking me out for some fancy pizza just give me a call i will be glad to share one with you

here is a link to the menu, i'm sure it will make your mouth water and want to go out and try it!

"It's the Pho Lan of Pizzas" - Raf

Prison Broked

Its been a long 3 days but finally the wife and I managed to finish season one of Prison Break. Everyone has been raving about this TV series for a while now so we finally broke down and watched the first season.
In my opinion i thought it was just OK ... For entertainment value it was just an OK.
Not nearly as good as 24 or Heros ..

I think they had a really good idea but it wasn't that well thought out.
In what maximum security prison can everyone carry around weapons or things that can be used as weapons. Batteries ... razor blades ... long screws ... as if ...
It was more like they were trapped in Home Depot or Rona instead of a maximum security prison. And everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. but "luckily" it turned out for the better "whew..haha"
This re-occurring theme played out through the episode but it was still entertaining ...

I think they had a really good idea, but like i said before they should have put a little more thought into it, i think it could have been way better.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

'If You're Not First, You're Last'

Ricky Bobby said it best!

'If You're Not First, You're Last'

It's been a hard 6 weeks of puppy school but it finally paid off! Guess who took first place in her class!!!
Our Little Kodi-May finished tops in her class, she did all of her obedience tests perfectly( with the slight exception of her walking...)
It was close between her and the other German Shepard but in the end she pulled it off! The other ones weren't even close.
We were pretty confident that she could do it, but it was still a bit nerve racking. But when it came time to testing she was focused!
Maybe we shouldn't be so competitive but if you haven't met me and my wife that's the only thing that matters! Is winning everything? If not its pretty close!
We are super proud of our little puppy! If were so excited about a this imagine one day when we have kids ... ugh..
Anyways Kode's is gonna get a really good meal tonight and lots of hugs and treats!!
I cant wait until the next class she's in!
Our doggie is the smartest in the whole wide world!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

2 Paws Up For Puppy School

It's our last week before the final test at puppy school.
Pretty amazing to watch Kodi for the last 5 weeks there, she was very shy and a bit aggressive when she first went there, but after 5 weeks shes one of the more playful ones now. She even initiates the play and wants to get to know all the dogs now.

On top of the socializing she has become a lot more obedient, she has mastered everything they have taught her ... the walking is still so-so ...

Next week is the big test! All the puppies will go through everything they have taught us, and there is a prize for the most obedient puppy! I think were gunning for that so hopefully she can do it.

So anyone that is thinking of putting their puppy through training i would give it a 2 paws up!

Yesterday a few friends of mine and I went out to All you can eat sukiyaki. When we got there the waitresses attempted to teach us how to eat it. For those who have never been it is EXACTLY like Hot pot, you take raw meat and/or veggies and cook it in a broth or water. Very simple. I never thought that there was a science to eating it but apparently the people who work there think there is. They were saying how cabbage has 80% water content and ZZZZZZZZ....
that's all i remember from from our conversation.

I have to admit that it was pretty good, for a rip off japanese version of hot pot. I also had a strawberry sprite which was quite delicious as well.
Remember that everything that is, was, and ever will be, has come from the chinese in some way!